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The Experience of a Living Donor

In this video, Jami Hanneman, LCSW, Living Donor Advocate at Northwestern Medicine explains how living donors feel and their reported experiences after donation.

Jami says, “People have a good experience. I think our donors are proud that they donated and that they helped somebody else, they helped better their lives.”

Living donors are living people that make the courageous decision to donate their organs to those in need of a transplant. Organdonor.gov reports that there are currently 122,377 people who are on the organ transplant waiting list in the U.S. and someone new gets added every 10 minutes. While cadaveric donations help address that demand, there are many benefits to live donation including the fact that living donation surgeries can be scheduled in advance, well before life-threatening conditions become an issue for transplant recipients who are waiting.

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The Secret Sauce to the CTC’s Success

Elisa Gordon, PhD, Research Associate Professor Institute for Healthcare Studies and Division of Organ Transplantation, explains how the model developed by Dr. Michael Abecassis is unique and not used by other transplant centers throughout the country. As she says, the model is the “secret sauce to our success” and encourages team collaboration for the advancement of organ transplantation.

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