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Paul Hain’s Inspirational Transplant Story

Paul Hain, a member of the Northwestern Transplant Advisory Council (NMTAC), received his liver transplant in 2012 at Northwestern Medicine. Due to his particular illness, he was not eligible for cadaver organ donation. Instead, he needed a live donor.

His daughter, Heather, decided to take action and share her father’s story on her Facebook page. It was read by a childhood friend who called the family and said, “I’m going to be your dad’s donor.” While Paul knew the chances of a match were slim, it turned out that Heather’s friend was the same blood type and she was able to give him the gift of life.

Since his surgery, Paul has thrived and he is grateful for the support he received both pre and post-surgery. He says, “One of the things that I’ve found here at Northwestern and Transplant Village is that I have friends, contacts, and connections not only with other patients, other caregivers, and other families, but also with the doctors.”

Paul’s story is truly unique and inspirational and attests to the power of community.

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