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Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

To effectively address problems faced by organ transplant recipients, research efforts must be accelerated in the areas of tissue engineering (a promising means of developing new organs) and basic immunology (in order to reduce—and, ideally, eliminate—the need for immunosuppressive medications). Additionally, clinical research and policy initiatives must evolve so that all patients in end-stage organ failure, as well as their loved ones, may enjoy longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Below, you will find information on several research projects currently underway at the Northwestern Medicine Comprehensive Transplant Center.

Addressing Issues Pertinent to Elderly Patients who have Undergone Organ Transplantation

Recently, the National Institute on Aging, one of 27 Centers and Institutes of the NIH, held a consensus conference that addressed the complex topic of aging and transplantation. Those who spoke at and attended this conference identified the fact that older individuals experience specific problems after undergoing an organ transplant. Read More

Can Desirable Immunological Tolerance be Induced in a Recipient who is Unrelated to His or Her Donor?

In collaboration with a researcher at the University of Louisville, Dr. Leventhal is exploring a means by which a transplant recipient’s immune system could be made to look and act like the immune system of a non-related (i.e., no DNA similarities) donor.Read More

Assessing Transplant Patients’ Quality of Life

With the goal of determining how, and to what degree, transplantation affects individuals’ QOL, the researchers are engaging in the formal, systematic assessment of transplant patients’ medical, emotional, and psychological health and wellness.Read More

Pioneering Efforts in Immune Tolerance

Northwestern’s, state-of-the-art facilities enable the thorough and progressive study of transplant immunology—a term that refers to the complex phenomena that characterize the immune system’s response to a transplanted organ. Read More

Conquering Transplant Challenges by Unique Means

Given the spirit of collaboration and the many multidisciplinary pursuits that characterize the CTC, Jason Wertheim, MD, PhD, a Northwestern transplant surgeon with a background in bioengineering and immunology, has found the ideal environment in which to conduct his investigations in the area of bioengineering tissues and organs.Read More