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Marcia Goldstick’s Transplant Story

Marcia Goldstick, member of Northwestern Medicine’s Transplant Advisory Council, describes her transplant journey at age 70. Marcia has dedicated herself to raising funds for NMTAC in part because her own life has been greatly impacted by the transplant center at Northwestern Medicine. Marcia received a life-saving transplant at the age of 70, over three years ago now. The team at Northwestern Medicine helped her through a double transplant of the liver and kidney, and Marcia feels extremely grateful for the treatment that she received.

“I hope to encourage donations and to help pre- and post-transplant patients know that life can be good again,” Marcia says. Marcia is a great example to transplant patients, showing them that no matter where they are in their life, bright and happy days and still be ahead. By supporting the fundraising efforts of NMTAC, Marcia hopes to help as many patients as possible receive life-changing and life-saving transplants through Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center.

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