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Dan Dickinson on the Topic of His Liver Blog

Dan Dickinson, Chairman of the Northwestern Medicine Transplant Advisory Council, started his Liver Blog shortly after he found out that he would need a liver transplant.  Since September 2009, Dan has chronicled his journey as a liver transplant recipient and cancer survivor through his blog which has become a great resource for other organ recipients, donors, and their families.

He writes, “When I was told I would be on a transplant list my first reaction was that something good had to come out of it to help other people. There is a huge responsibility here and we all must rise to these responsibilities. There are reasons for everything and this is no different.  The web is a great resource to learn, research, and disseminate information to others.”

Dan’s extremely candid and humor infused entries tell his unique transplant story while sharing the experiences he has had with Northwestern’s Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC) and its staff.  From the day he was put on the waiting list, to the day he received his transplant, to the creation of Transplant Village, every milestone has been recorded with the hope that his story will help others who are currently on their own transplant journey.

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