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2014: Transplant Village’s Year in Review

What a successful year for Transplant Village! We not only quadrupled our fundraising dollars from 2013—but we also gathered thousands of transplant recipients and their families at numerous events, including:

  • Open Meeting — In March, we hosted an open meeting and gathered with more 150 transplant recipients and their families for a meet and greet. Attendees learned about research that has allowed patients to stop taking all anti-rejection medications just one year after they received a new kidney.
  • 50th Anniversary of Transplant Program — In April, more than 500 of us gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of transplantation at Northwestern Medicine in a sold-out event!
  • First Annual Sharkfest Swim — In August, we hosted the first annual Sharkfest Swim, exposing our mission to thousands of people along the lakefront.
  • Patient Transplant Anniversaries — We closed out the year in November by celebrating Transplant Anniversaries at the Transplant Advisory Council’s open meeting.

Read on to learn more about each of our events. Stay tuned for our Upcoming Events in 2015!

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