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Supporting Northwestern Medicine's CTC

Gifts to the endowment let us make a meaningful difference in people's lives well into the future.

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Transplant Village is a grateful community of patients, families and organ donors who are driven to give back to Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center which has saved over 4,000 lives.

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Help us continue the cycle of giving by joining our village. Every single contribution matters and makes a positive impact within the transplant community.

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Life-Saving Organ Donation Results from Social Media

“It was a social media post that changed the course of a young patient’s life. Two old acquaintances reunited on the Internet, and within a matter of months, made a connection that will live on for a lifetime.” Visit wgntv.com to read the full story.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with this news.  Thanks to Facebook, a call for help was miraculously answered and a life was saved. 

Supporting Northwestern Medicine's CTC

To date, over 4,000 people have received care from Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC), a leader in the field of organ transplantation and research.  The programs established by the CTC have saved countless lives, given people a second chance, and offered hope to not only recipients, but also their families.

The Northwestern Medicine Transplant Advisory Council (NMTAC) is a very grateful group of organ transplant recipients and courageous organ donors.  All of our Council members have had amazing experiences with Northwestern Medicine in Chicago and the CTC.  Due to our positive experiences and our personal understanding the CTC’s lifesaving initiatives, we’ve come together in the hope that we can give back.

The fact is these very initiatives have saved the lives of several of our Council members as well as the lives of many others across the country.  The immense gratitude we feel after being given a second chance compels us, on a daily basis, to help people that face the very same experiences we once faced.

Our Mission

Our inspired group of organ recipients, donors and their families is united in our mission to support the future of organ transplantation at Northwestern Medicine while connecting and supporting the transplant community.

There are many ways in which we believe our Council can support Northwestern Medicine’s CTC and the transplant community at large.  However, we feel it is most important to create a sustainable culture of philanthropy that supports the advancement of the CTC’s groundbreaking initiatives.  Cutting-edge programs, like the CTC’s ongoing research efforts, play a crucial role in the evolvement of the organ transplant community.  Yet, these initiatives need contributions to thrive.

As the saying goes, “it takes a village”, and that is how Transplant Village came into being.  Transplant Village is a welcoming community where organ recipients, family members, and donors can connect, find support, and perpetuate the cycle of giving from one person to the next.  Like our Council members, many individuals and families within this village know first-hand that the Northwestern Medicine’s CTC is not only a center of excellence, but also a place where superior patient care is provided by the most talented surgeons, physicians, and staff.  However, in order for these medical professionals to continue the amazing work that they do, they’ll need our ongoing support and that support comes in many forms.

Join Our Village

If you are an organ recipient or a family member of an organ recipient, know that you can join our village and continue the cycle of giving in many ways.  From volunteering your time to offering a charitable donation, every gift is equally important in advancing the CTC’s programs.  You can even register to become a donor in your state!  However you choose to give back, know that you are welcomed member of our village and we appreciate your commitment to Northwestern Medicine’s CTC.